Here are some examples of commonly used fasteners in this sector:


Hanger Bolts
Screwdriver Bits
Sealing Washers
Adapter Sheets
Caps for Solar Fastener
Solar Fastener Type BZ
Solar Fatener Type A
Hexagon Head Wood Screws
Solar Roof Hooks
TCS Flat Head Screw
HBSs Super – Drill
HBS Countersunk
Hexagonal Bolts Din 931
Hexagon Head Screws ISO Din 933
Button Head Screws ISO 7380
Socket Cap Screws Din 912
Mushroom Head Square Neck Bolts Din 603

Square Nuts Din 557
Hexagon Nut i.e Din 934, 6923, 985
Coupler Nuts
Flat Washers Din 125, 126
Spring Washer Din 127, 7980
Hammerhead Screws
Sliding Nuts
Threaded Plates
Hammer Nuts
Cross Countersunk Head Wood Screws
Cladding Screws
Self-Drilling Screws Din 7504
Concrete Bolt
Wedge Anchor
Security Screws
Inviolable Nuts (Breaknut)

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