Ver-Bolt supplies of coated B7 studs and coated 2H nuts. Available in a variety of sizes, each is expertly coated with   fluoropolymer coating process PTFE that offers easier assembly, fights corrosion and prevents seizing and galling. Coated B7 studs and 2H nuts are sold to fastener users in each or in keg/box or pallet quantities. Additionally, nuts are tapped oversize to allow for the thickness of the coating and add ease of assembly.

The use of PTFE non-stick coatings is a three part system. Three coats are applied to the fasteners, first a corrosion resistant base coat, then an adhesion coating and finally a fluoropolymer topcoat. All coatings are essential to the long-lasting life of the fasteners. PTFE coatings possess the highest operating temperature of any fluoropolymer. Added benefits are a low coefficient of friction and good chemical resistance.